Friday, December 29, 2006

Penguins 4, Maple Leafs 1

Finally the Pens were able to put together a full game. In what has been a habit of the Pens of late was not the case tonight as the Pens kept the pressure on the Maple Leaf's for all three periods. The Pens forced the Leafs into 10 penalties and were able to convert on 3 of them to give them the difference in the game. The game also showed why the Pens drafted Fleury and gave up on Aubin. Fleury badly out played Aubin who was guilty, as he always was with the Penguins, of giving up a couple of soft goals.

The first soft goal that Aubin gave up gave the Penguins a 1 - 0 lead with 36 secs left in the first when Christensen put a puck under the arm of Aubin. The Pens kept the momentum through the first half of the second period until Aubin made an impressive save on Malkin which sent the Leafs in 3 on 1. Fleury was able to make the first save and who was on the door step to knock in the rebound but Sundin. Ruutu was then able to give the Pens another spark when we fought Ondrus and took it to him. Ruutu took a few shots but easily gave more and better ones then he received. The game was back and forth at time for the rest of the period and as the second period expired McCabe took a stupid penalty in tripping Talbot as the horn blew.

McCabe's penalty was compounded when Sundin was called for hooking Staal while they were playing 4 on 4 waiting for the Pens power play to start. Gonchar was able to take advantage of 5 on 3 Power Play that ensued when he fired a shot on Aubin who from the looks of the had the puck deflect off his stick and into the top part of the net. The Pens were then able to get some breathing room when Malkin worked hard to hold a puck in on the Power Play and was rewarded when Gonchar found him on the back door for an easy redirect for his 18th goal. Staal sealed the game on what is becoming something of his signature when he stole the puck on the forecheck and wrapped it around Aubin, who seems surprised by the shot.

The only bad news to come out of this game was the status of Ekman. Late in the first period Ekman fell awkwardly on his right arm near the Penguins runway. Ekman got up and instantly went for the runway and in turn gave the Penguins a Too Many Men on the Ice penalty because Ekman didn't go to the bench first. Ekman looked like he either dislocated his wrist or broke his arm badly but was reported by the Penguins as an elbow injury.

Crosby was able to break his pointless streak and extend his scoring lead back to 6 over Hossa. Crosby also looked to be getting back to his old form from before the holiday break.

Next up are the Hurricanes on Tue...


Thursday, December 28, 2006

Thrashers 4, Penguins 2

The Penguins seemed to have shaken off the rust of a 4 day break but it happened in the 3rd period after they were already down 2 - 1. The Penguins now have lost 5 in a row after what looked like a turning point for the young team when they won 5 in a row. They are still in the hunt for the playoffs with still 46 more games to play but they can't be getting to far behind. They did play a really good game in the 1st and 3rd but it was the 2nd period that did them in.

They were able to take a 1 - 0 lead on a Power Play goal by Christensen, who was making a return to the lineup. Christensen was able to find a rebound and hit the post with his shot, however, the puck then bounced off both of Lehtonen's skates and past the goal line. The score stayed that way until Vishnevski was able put a shot off of Christensen stick and into the top corner of the net past Fleury. The Thrashers then took the lead on the Power Play when Hossa found Havelid sneaking behind the Pens defense and put it into an open net. The Pens were then able to get their second Power Play of the game when Whitney blew a wrister past Lehtonen. The tie was broke when Kozlov redirected a pass off of Fleury's stick and over him 6 mins later. Holik then finished it off with an empty netter.

The Pens get back in action against a pretty good Leaf's squad on Friday...


Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Devils 3, Penguins 0

Not a whole lot to say about this one with out really bashing the Devils for being everything that is wrong with hockey. Brodeur was good but as is usual it was a team shutout and he made the one save he had to. They did hit a couple of goal post and missed the net a few times.

Time to get back to NHL hockey by taken on the Thrashers tomorrow...


Friday, December 22, 2006

Thrashers 4, Pens 3 SO

Well the good news about this game is that you could watch the Pens fight their way out of the funk that they were in the last couple games. The only bad part was that they waited until they were down 2 - 0 to do it. They were able to get a point thanks to Crosby putting a puck in with the shaft of his stick with 15.9 secs left in the third period. The rally helmets couldn't help them this time in the shootout which they lost 2 - 0.

The first period was pretty much all Thrashers for the first half as it took the Pens a little while to get started like usual this year. Kapanen was able to find a rebound and put it past Thibault, who didn't seem to find the rebound until it was too late.

The Thrashers were able to extend the lead with a Power Play goal in the second. Kovalchuk was able to also find a rebound that found it way past two Pens right on to his stick. Kovalchuk was then able to find the open net for his first Power Play goal in 16 games. The Pens did get one back on the next Thrasher Power Play when Staal intercepted a errant pass and beat Lehtonen for his league leading 5 shorthanded goal. The goal was short lived when the Thrashers then scored on the Power Play to put the lead back at 2.

The Pens then took it to the Thrashers in the 3rd. They pilled up a 19 - 8 shots on goal advantage but had nothing to show for it until Malone was able to backhand the puck off Lehtonen's glove and in to the net which set the stage for Crosby heroics.

The Pens now head into the Christmas break with a much better feeling then they would have had if they wouldn't at least gotten the point.

Next up is a game with the Devils in New Jersey the day after Christmas...


Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Bad News for the Pens...

Well looks like the Silver Bullet to end all of the Pens problems has missed the target. Now comes the long political grandstanding, fighting for a good deal and daily are they or aren't they leaving talk. This make me think of just one quote...

When are people going to learn? ... Democracy doesn't work!
-- Homer J. Simpson, free-thinking anarchist, "Much Apu About Nothing"

Special thanks to The Simpsons Archive


Blues 4, Penguins 1

Pathetic. Uninspired. Wasted opportunity.


Monday, December 18, 2006

Crosby #1 Star of the Week

This probably the easiest vote that the NHL had to make after Crosby put up 10 points in two games and 13 points in 4 game this week in which the Pens went 3-1.


Sunday, December 17, 2006

Canadians 6, Penguins 3

The Pens as it turns out only had a 1/3 of a tank left after the 4th game in 6 days. The Pens play a good first period in which they held a 17 - 3 shot advantage and a 2 - 1 advantage on the scoreboard. The Pens tried and tired quickly in the second when they started taking penalties and giving up Power Play goals. Montreal scored 4 of their 6 goals on the Power Play or with an extra man waiting for a Power Play. Malkin was finally able to get back on track with his first goal in the past 2 games. Crosby kept is scoring streak alive with an Assist on Nasreddine first NHL goal. Even though the Pens lost this game, there was nothing better then watching Nasreddine react to scoring his first goal and getting his first point. If you don't know who he is and are a Pens fan, you got some reading to do. He was finally rewarded for all the work and steady play that he brings wherever he is at. You could also see how happy the whole team was for him and it was great to see.

This was also like the 10th time this year that the Pens opponent of the 2nd game of a back to back was rested and sitting somewhere waiting for the Pens. The really showed against the Canadians. There really wasn't much else to say about this game. Just chalk it up to a fluke and come back the next game and play the way you have been playing.

Next up is the NHL worst Blues on Tuesday...


Saturday, December 16, 2006

Balsillie no longer buying the Pens...

In what was kind of a shock with everything that is going on with the Pens, Jim Balsillie has informed the Penguins he is no longer going to buy the Pens. The comes at a very odd time with the award of the license so close, just 4 days away. This could mean many many things for the Penguins. One of the reasons that seems to be coming out is that the NHL wanted Balsillie to keep the Penguins in Pittsburgh even if they didn't get the Arena. If this is the case it is a good step for the Penguins that the NHL really does mean it when they say they want to keep the Pens in Pittsburgh. Also if Balsillie real plan was to move the Pens then everything must be going in the right direction for the Pens getting an Arena because he pulled out so close to being either forced to keep the Pens here or having to come up with a Plan B. I think what was going to play out is that the IOC wasn't going to win the license because they didn't grease the right pockets and Balsillie was going to make the City out to be the bad guys by saying their plan isn't viable. Hopefully he is seeing all the signs point to IOC winning and that caused him to want to break down talks with the NHL, but that just me being hopeful.


Penguins 7, Islanders 4

This was a big win for the Pens on a couple different levels. They were able to continue there goal score prowess, they moved into 6th place in the conference and 3rd in the division, they were able to win their 11th of 17 game so far against the division, and gave themselves so much more confidence. Crosby was able to continue his torrid scoring streak which now is at 10 in 2 games and extended his lead over Jagr to 7 in the scoring race. Crosby's good night was over shadowed a bit but a couple of milestones. First, Recchi was able to notch his 800th career assist with 3 in the game and Malone was able to score his first hat trick of his career, all on Crosby feeds and all far top corner on the goalies.

The play was kinda back and forth for the first few mins of the game until the forth line was able to get the Pens going with some high energy. Talbot, Ruutu, and Thorburn have really been the spark plugs in getting the Pens out of the funk they were in. While they haven't been the one that have showed up on the score sheet as much as the top line, they are just a responsible for the Pens great play of late. Crosby was able to continue the Pens good start by finding Malone coming late on the play which Malone put high glove on DiPietro. The Islanders however were able to get back in the game only briefly on a Power Play goal from Satan. Crosby then put the Pens up for good when he used the D to score him a goal for the second game to put the Pens up 2 - 1. Recchi then gave the Pens the Power Play marker back when he wristed one from the point through a Armstrong screen and past DiPietro.

The Pens goal scoring then became contagious for the second night and they got goals from Staal and Talbot to extend their lead in the second. Staal was able to pick up a puck off the face off and in one motion and with out really looking put the puck on net and surprised DiPietro, who looked to the heavens after letting that one go. The Penalty Kill then wanted in on the goal scoring action and turned in yet another shorthanded goal this time Talbot and Melicar were both their to tap in Talbot's rebound and from the score sheet the tie went to Talbot with Melicar getting an Assist.

The Pens then started the 3rd period keeping the unanswered goal streak going when Malone on a mirror image of his first goal only this time it was on Dunham after DiPietro was pulled after the 2nd period. This time however the Pens seemed happy with the 6 - 1 lead and basically quit playing. The Islanders used this time to help their statistics and get a little closer. Two Power Play goals and the batting in a rebound all within 2:21 to get the score back to 6 - 4. Malone then saved the Pens with his hat trick goal just under 2:20 later to cap the scoring. Malone set up in the slot while Crosby danced with the puck, showing why he is one of the best, and then set up Malone for a one-timer.

The Pens next match up is with the tough Canadians on Sat...


Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Penguins 8, Flyers 4

The Penguins are back at home taking on their neighbors from the east the Flyers...

1st Period

Penguins 3, Flyers 2

What started out as looking it was going to be another white wash of the Flyers turned into something of a game. The Pens took an early 2 - 0 lead on a goal by Chris Thorburn when he wristed a puck over Niittymaki. Crosby was then able to extend the lead by getting his 5th goal in his 5th game just by throwing it at the net. The Flyers were then able to neutralize Crosby goal by getting one of their own the same way when Potulny threw a puck at the net to which Orpik decided to kick in with no one around him. The Flyers then tied the game on a goal by Fedoruk on a rebound after the Flyer's Power Play had expired. The Pens then got a good deflection by Umberger on a Penguins Power Play to make it 3 - 2 at the end of one. Crosby with his 2 points is now just one behind Jagr for the scoring lead.

2nd Period

Penguins 6, Flyers 2

Well for everything that the first period showed us that this might be a game, the second period showed up that no it isn't going to be. The Pens put up another 3 goal period and the Flyers were only able watch. The period also allowed Crosby become the leagues leading scorer alone. He now has a 2 point lead over Jagr with his 3 point period giving him 5 on the game. The scoring started for the Pens with Malone getting his first goal of the year picking up a Crosby shot from the point and easily putting it past Niittymaki. The just 81 seconds later Crosby pick up the puck off a Flyer and staked around the back of the net to find Gonchar who beat Niittymaki stick side. Niittymaki was then pulled which lead to a weird play. With Houle in the net the Flyers were called for icing. The Flyers wanted to use the break in action to bring Niittymaki back in the game but because of the icing they were not allow to make the change, which prove costly. The Pens were able to control and Crosby picked up a Recchi rebound and threw the puck to Gonchar, whose rebound was put home but Recchi.

3rd Period

Penguins 8, Flyers 4

Well ya have to give it to the Flyers they didn't quit but the Pens were not about to have the what happen to the Capitals happen to them. The Flyers did get the first goal of the 3rd when they scored shorthanded. The Pens now have given up a shorthanded goal in 4 straight game. That might have been the only bad thing to come out of this game. The Pens then came right back with the number 1 Power Play unit and put back the 4 goal lead. Ouellet was the recipient of some pretty passing from Crosby and Malone. Ouellet then opened up Niittymaki 5 hole and put the puck in the back of the net. Flyers again were able to get the next one when Knuble put home a rebound on Fleury. The game then pretty much shut down until Staal finished off the scoring with 7 seconds left. He picked up the puck at center ice and then made a beautiful move on Jonsson, who had to pick up his jock on the way to the bench. All that was left for Staal was to fake Niittymaki with a backhand to forehand move to make it 8 for the Pens for the second time against the Flyers. It was also the 4th shorthanded goal for Staal on the year.


While on the scoreboard it looked all Pens all the time, they did give up 4 goals to the Flyers and another shorthanded goal. They did let their guard down after being up 4 so hopefully that is all it was. The really test of the Pens new found confidence will be against the Islanders who beat them the last time. The good news out of this game is the Pens now have the leading scorer in the league for the first time since Mario. Crosby has a 3 point lead over Jagr who has played 4 more games then Crosby. Malkin didn't have a very good game after stealing the show on Monday. He had no points and was a -2 on the night.

Also it is a good time for Post number 87 of the Blog :)

Next up are the Islanders on Friday for 3rd place in the Division...


Monday, December 11, 2006

Penguins 5, Capitals 4 SO

This seemed to work last time so I am going to do it again...

1st Period

Capitals 2, Pens 0

Well for everything that the Pens did correctly in the last few games, there was no mistake about this one. It could very easily be much worse then the 2 - 0 score. The Capitals scored 50 seconds apart, one on the Power Play and the second on a rebound on a Ovechkin fanned shot. The Pens finally started to play even up with the Caps the last half of the period but have their work cut out for them.

2nd Period

Capitals 4, Pens 3

The Capitals continued the onslaught to begin the second period. They scored 2 more goals in the first 6 mins with the last one coming shorthanded. It is the third straight game that the Pens have given up a shorthanded goal after not doing so in the first 20 game that doesn't include empty-net shorthanders. The only good news out of all of this was that the Pens didn't give up. Talbot was finally able to give them some life less then a min after the shorthander to cut the lead back to 3. The Pens then started to physical and in doing so lost Orpik to a game misconduct. Oprik started it by laying a vicious hit on a Capital and during the ensuing scramble fought Bryan Muir who was also given a game misconduct. It took the Pens however 12 more mins to really get back in the game when Christensen was able to beat Kolzig from the same spot and same way Talbot did. Crosby then scored 35 seconds later on a feed from Malkin to give the Pens the momentum going into the break.

3rd Period

Pens 4, Capitals 4

Malkin gave the Pens just what they needed to start the 3rd period. Malkin was able to get the equalizer by picking up a puck in the crease and putting the puck around Kolzig. The game then kinda went into a shell on both sides. The Pens didn't want to give up all the work they put in to get that point back and the Caps just wanted to stop the bleeding and get the point. The Pens did have to kill a penalty with about 5 mins to go. Malkin then took a penalty for elbowing with 2 seconds left that carried over to overtime.


Pens 4, Capitals 4

The Pens were able to out work the Capitals on the 4 on 3 Power Play to start overtime. Fleury was able to make about 3 good saves to help the Penalty kill. The team traded shots for the rest of the period, none of which really threatened the goaltenders.


Pens 5, Capitals 4

The Pens were able to complete the comeback by finally showing the fire power they had in the shootout. Christensen started things off right by beating Kolzig on a wrist shot after getting Kolzig cheating to the near post. Fleury then made a easy save on Mike Green in which he didn't even have to go to the butterfly. Crosby then didn't put up much of a fight with his shot after he got in too close to Kolzig and threw it wide. Ovechkin then was able to tie it back up by breaking a 0 for 9 drought in the Shootout by putting the puck under Fleury. Malkin however would not be denied after faking Kolzig out of his pads before roofing it over him. Fleury then stopped Chris Clark cold and the Pens had their first Shootout victory of the year and flatout robbed 2 points.

The Pens look to keep rolling against their favorite opponent this year in the Flyers on Wed...


Saturday, December 09, 2006

Penguins 4, Thrashers 3 OT

For some reason I feeling doing this as the game goes along, well at least at the end of every period...

1st Period

Penguins 1, Thrashers 1

Well this seems like most of the Pens games already. The Pens dominated the first period with a 16 - 4 shot lead over the highly skilled Thrashers. The Pens had 3 Power Plays in the period and scored on the first. Crosby skated in from the half wall and snapped one off the far post and behind Lehtonen. The first 2 Power Plays for the Pens were really well played they kept the puck moving and won all the battles and kept the Thrashers defending for almost all of the 2 mins. They however only came away with a few good chances on the second one but just couldn't beat Lehtonen. The third one however didn't start well at all. They gave up a shorthanded goal just 20 sec into the penalty. Then not even 10 secs later Christensen took a penalty to kill the rest. Hopefully the Pens can regroup and continue the good play and bury some pucks the rest of the way.

2nd Period

Penguins 2, Thrashers 1

Second verse, same as the first (almost)

The Pens came out in the second period the same as the did in the first and dominated the Thrashers again. They also scored on their first Power Play too. Malkin was able to take advantage of Thrasher without a stick when he moved into the slot and one-timed a Crosby pass past Lehtonen. The Pens then had a goal taken away from Staal when Ruutu was called for interfering with the goaltender as Staal put a rebound under Lehtonen. The Pens then looked pretty good on the Penalty kill and this was most evident on a play by Malkin. Malkin was able to take the puck in shorthanded and instead of taking a 1 on 4 shot he skated through and back out to center ice and in seeing help headed back in on goal. He then picked up a rebound and made a pass back the D, who wait at through the puck back up ice in all killing about 45 secs of the Thrashers Power Play. The Pens then did have a bit of a let down at the end of the period letting the Thrashers get a little bit of momentum but nothing on the scoreboard to show for it. This is where the Pens need to get that killer instinct and finish this game off which they were not able to do against the Rangers on Thurs.

3rd Period

Penguins 3, Thrashers 3

The period did not start well for the Penguins. They were killing off the last part of the Christensen carryover penalty. The Pens were trying to clear the puck when Kozlov was able to keep the puck in the zone and Hossa made the Pens pay by ripping the puck past Fleury. The Pens however didn't quit and kept the pressure on the Thrashers and were rewarded when Whitney was coming late and took a pass from Malkin to give the Pens their lead back. It was nice to see the D in on the offense all night long as well has help the forwards by pinching to keep the puck in. The Pens were then playing a good defensive game when a lucky rebound came right to Kapanen and he put it under the crossbar before Fleury could find the puck. The Pens stayed resilient and took the game to overtime after getting a few chances to put the game away in regulation.


Penguins 4, Thrashers 2

The Pens were finally rewarded for their hard work all night long when Malkin took the puck to the net and Armstrong found the rebound and finished off the game with just about a min remaining. The Pens had a few chances earlier in the overtime and gave up a couple but we up to the task of keeping the Thrashers outside 4 on 4 until
Armstrong pick the right time to get his first goal against a team other then the Islanders.


It was nice to see Malkin play like he played when Crosby was out of the lineup. He seemed to be taken a back seat to Crosby until Therrien had a 1 on 1 talk with him before the game. Crosby and Malkin were able to outplay the tandem of Hossa and Kovalchuk to the tune of 2G-3A-(+1) to 1G-0A-(-2) respectfully. Crosby was also taking to the fact that he can control games as well by shooting the puck so much more which will help him find that open man for the easy goal when they have to think shot first. Hopefully this is the game that the Pens needed to put them over the hump and propel them for the rest of the season. This would be a complete turnaround from last year when back to back losses to the Thrashers kill any hope the Pens had of a good season. Also on a more ridiculous note of the three stars of the game 2 were unnamed Thrashers and Malkin was a 3rd star in a game which the Pens dominated. Can the Atlanta media be anymore obvious of being "Homers"?

Next up is the first Crosby/Malkin game against Ovechkin. I think there are going to be a few players ready for this one on Monday...


Thursday, December 07, 2006

Rangers 3, Pens 2 SO

The Pens got back to playing solid hockey for about the first 49 mins of the Rangers game. They were leading 2 - 0 and dominating the Rangers in all phases until Therrien decided to play it safe on a power play. Instead on turning it up in hopes of putting the game away, he decided to put out the 3rd Power Play unit and thus gave up a shorthanded goal. The energized Rangers then scored a Power Play goal to tie the score at 2. The Pens then were able to survive until the Shootout to get at least a point. The Pens then were unable to get a puck behind Lundqvist and Shanahan beat Fleury to give the Ranger the extra point.

The Pens did well for the first 2 and a half periods. The were able to kill off the Rangers first 4 Power Plays, which were also the first 4 Power Plays of the game. The Pens were able to strike first when Ekman was awarded a Penalty Shot late in the first period. He beat Lundqvist by going wide and deking and putting it in on the backhand. Crosby then made it 2 - 0 with his second highlight goal in as many game with a goal similar to the one against Florida. This one however looked even easier as Crosby beat all 4 Rangers D and was alone on Lundqvist. Crosby easily beat him over the blocker side.

Next up are the Thrashers on Sat who are coming off a 8 - 0 blowout to the Lightning, this one is not going to be easy...


Wednesday, December 06, 2006

14 days...

The next two week are pretty big for the Penguins.

In two weeks the Penguins and Pittsburgh will know if the Isle of Capri will have won the gaming license. This will remove all doubt that the Pens are leaving and they will be here for the next 20 years. Stories coming out lately about the gaming license has been that IOC is the front runner. I have my doubt due to the fact that Forrest City did a good job of lining the pockets of key political parties in Harrisburg that have a strong impact on the Gaming Board. I hope this is not the case.

Also in two week there should be a better idea of where the rest of the Penguins season is going. If they pull out of this nose dive and start to climb the standing again there is a lot to look forward to. If not, well lets talk about that at that time.


Panthers 3, Pens 2

Ugh. This one hurt.

If I hear one more time "(Insert Name) shoots and he misses the net" or "(Insert Name) shoots but it is blocked and doesn't make it to the net", my TV is not going to make it to the next game. The story is the same in this game as it has been with the Pens for the last, oh, 12 of 16 games. They are playing well, getting chances, moving the puck, but they are not finishing the play. They seem to think that the only part of the goal that accepts pucks are the high corners when they should watch the goals they give up usually don't hit those spots. I understand that young teams are going to take time but these are the same mistakes over and over again. The have not been out played by any teams this year.

This game started like the last few with the Pens getting the first goal on the Power Play no less. Christensen was able to get a puck through Auld and off the far post for his 3rd goal since being called up. The Pens also followed suit by surrendering the next 2 to a team that as repeatedly announced "isn't scoring very many goals". Crosby was however able to bring some life back to the Pens with a highlight goal on the Power Play by taking the puck himself and splitting the D and chipping the puck though the five hole of Auld. It didn't last long with Jokinen scoring on a Florida Power Play a few mins later.

So much for a "must win" game. Hopefully things will turn around soon so that the team can loosen up with a 3 game road trip starting. First up on the trip is the Rangers on Thursday...


Sunday, December 03, 2006

Roster Moves...

Andre Roy is now a Tampa Bay Lightning. He was claimed on re-entry waivers on Sat which means that the Pens have $500k counting against the cap for them for the rest of the year but are now no longer responsible for the $1 million he was due next year. LeClair was assigned to the Baby Pens only to be put back on re-entry waivers to see if some other team will take him for 1/2 price by noon tomorrow.

As for the injury status of the Pens, Malone is close to returning probably sometime this week or very early next week. Ouellet is recovering from a knee sprain and should also be back soon. With the Roy and possibly LeClair gone chances are good that Christensen will stay as long as he keeps shooting the puck.


Saturday, December 02, 2006

Islanders 5, Pens 3

The only thing the Pens were lacking in this game was luck. The Pens played a really strong offensive game but could not get anything to go their way. The missed 3 open nets, hit 3 posts, and missed the net on a few other chances. The Islanders on the other hand didn't have the same problems as pretty much all their chances hit the back of the net. Even with all the bad luck the Pens were able to put 3 pucks behind DiPietro with two coming on the Power Play. That Power Play success was tempered by the fact that they gave up 2 Islander Power Play goals.

Crosby had 2 Assists in the game. The first one coming on the Power Play when he was able to beat all 4 Islanders and then skate around a fallen DiPietro and put the puck back out to the front of the net where a waiting Armstrong was able to put it into a completely open net. Christensen was then able to wrist the puck over the glove hand of DiPietro. The Refs then decided that the Pens had enough Power Play and decided to do the worst thing in hockey, make-up calls. The Islander got a Power Play and a 4 on 4 goal in the second period to lead 3 - 2 at the end of 2. Recchi was finally able to break the curse but it was too much to over come when the Islander were able to put the lead back to 2 when Scudari broke up a 3 on 2 only to have to roll to Sillinger who beat Fleury.

Next up is the non-Atlantic Florida Panthers on Tue...


Devils 5, Pens 2

There was not really much to write about in this game as it all went down hill for the Pens after they got the first goal of the game early on a shot by Christensen that fooled Brodeur. After that goal all the bounces went the Devils way, mostly because the Pens announcers were determined to do nothing but give the Devils the luck. Announcing 101 should teach all announcers that if you say that something hasn't happened or will never WILL happen before the game is over. Stagey, who should know this, stated that the Devils have not score a Power Play goal in a couple of games. About 10 hundreds of a second after the last part of that sentence got out the Devils had scored to make it 1 - 1 on the Power Play. This law only applies to the other team. They also keep saying during the game that the Devil don't score more then 2 goals a game, so against the Pens they score 5. I really wish that the announcer for team take notice of this law.

Fleury did not have a good game at all, stopping only 4 of 8 shots. While a couple were not his fault it just seemed like he was fighting the puck for the short time he was in the game.

Malkin did score his 13th goal of the year on the same day that he was named Rookie of the Month for the second straight month. The question is "If he wins rookie of the month for the whole season, Does he win the Calder by default?". This is a question that needs to be answered.

Next up a chance to redeem themselves against the Islanders who are coming back to Pittsburgh on Saturday...