Saturday, January 13, 2007

Penguins 5, Flyers 3

It was a more spirited effort by the Flyers but it was the same as the other 5 in the standings. The Pens did dominate the shots on goal and went periods of time where they would keep the puck in the offensive zone while changing lines. They did however relax long enough to let the Flyers think they had a chance, but they didn't as Staal was able to right the ship and give the Penguins a much needed win. Malkin had a big day with 2 Goals and 1 Assist and Crosby had an Assist. The Penguins need to keep playing like this against the other teams below them like they didn't with the Lightning and the Panthers.

One other thing that did come out of this game was the fact that Armstrong and Orpik need to hit more. Armstong's hit on Carter woke up the Penguins and gave them a Power Play opportunity. The others all need to be defending Crosby and Malkin by hitting the other team anytime they take liberties with the Pens stars. I like the way that Crosby and Malkin take that into their own hands more often then not but no one else on the Penguins seem to be as quick to react.

Next up are the Islanders on Tue in another big game for the Pens...



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