Thursday, August 17, 2006

Malkin in LA

TSN is reporting and so is ESPN that Malkin is in Los Angles and working out with some Kings players. The whole story of why Malkin left when he did is pretty interesting now that details are leaking out.

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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Malkin Saga Update...

The big question is now...Where is Evgeni Malkin?

The answer might not be known for awhile but growing speculation is that he is either in Canada, where his agents have a secondary office and he was believed to have a Canadian visa, or New York, where he reportedly flew. Either way everyone is certian that he fled so that he can join the Pens this year.

When I first heard of the news that he had signed a new one-year deal with his Russian team, I thought maybe he is scared to come over because of comfort level he has in Russia or the easist way to please both sides is to finish up one more year and then be free to go wherever. However something in the back of my mind wondered if the existence of old Russia came into play where he was pressured into signing and all his Russian team is seeing is green. Well the latest chapter proves the latter true because word from his family is that he has "snapped" because of all the pressure on him from his Russian team and his feeling of keeping his word with the Pens because he told them he would be here this season.

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Monday, August 07, 2006

Malkin drama update...

Now it looks as if he might still play for the Pens. It is not uncommon for information out of the Russian Leagues not be final and change on a daily basis but word from Malkin's new agents is at he still wants to play in the NHL this year and that they have not been told anything different.

Hopefully this will come to an end soon so that the Pens know whether or not they need to find another Center with Training Camp just around the bend.

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Malkin to play for Pens...(next year)

Looks like Russia not signing the transfer agreement got them one more year out of Evgeni Malkin. Malkin signed a one year agreement to play for his Russian team. The only good news out of this will be that next year there will be no questions about his Russian contract as he will be a free agent and will not require the Pens to pay anything to get his services.

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