Friday, January 19, 2007

Bruins 5, Pens 4 SO

What is it with the Penguins and shootouts? The Penguins dropped to 2 - 12 in shootout since the NHL started using them to decide game that are tied after Overtime. I was and still am a big backer of the shootouts even though the Penguins suck at them. This one however was the Penguins fault for letting it get to the shootout. The Pens blew leads of 2 - 0 and 4 - 3 to let the Bruins get away with 2 point that the Pens are going to need against them to make the playoffs. They did however show something after giving up 3 straight goals to retake the lead. The Bruins did get a number of good bounces and make the Pens pay for the few mistakes they made.

The Pens started the game off well when Malone was able to hit an open net after a beautiful cross ice pass from Crosby. Malkin put the Pens up 2 with a nice shot high to the glove side of Toivonen who went down early. The Pens were able to take that lead in to the break but it seems they thought that was the end of the game because the first 10 mins of the 2nd were all Bruins. Former Penguin Murry was able to start things off for the Bruins by making a nice move on Fleury on a pretty clean breakaway. The Bruins were able to tie it on a Power Play goal by Sturm on a rebound then took the lead 37 secs later off a deflection by Stuart. That last one seemed to wake the Penguins back up as they started skating again and used 2 Power Plays to take back the lead. The first one by Malkin was very similar to his first one after he made a nice pass to himself to get open. The second one by Staal show why he is going to be big for the Pens down the stretch when he got his second shot underneath the pad of Toivonen.

The Penguins then kept up the work in the 3rd period and got a 5 on 3 Power Play to show for their work. They had quite a few good chances but got nothing to show for it and it came back to haunt them a few mins later when a puck came off of Kessel right to Murry. Murry threw the puck on net and Savard found the rebound and put it into an open net to tie the score at 4.

The Bruins came on really strong in the Overtime and if it wasn't for Fleury the Pens wouldn't have gotten to the shootout. Fleury had to make at least 3 of his patented saves with the most impressive a backwards flopping blocker save on Murry. That set the stage for the shootout. Christensen got the first goal but Malkin, Crosby, and Gonchar. Sturm got back the Christensen goal back and that set the stage for Kessel. Kessel was able to squeak the puck past Fleury's left pad and gave the Bruins the extra point.

The Penguins next take on the Maple Leafs Sat in what is there last game before a big break for the All-Star game...



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