Monday, July 24, 2006

Penguins Roster Updates...

The Pens have made a few roster moves in the past month...

Shero first signing for the Pens was Jarkko Ruutu. This will bring some grit to the 3rd or 4th line if he can stay out of the box himself.

The Pens then trade a couple of draft picks for Dominic Moore and Libor Pivko from the Predators. Then they got Nils Ekman and Patrick Ehelechner from the Sharks. These trades upped the talent level of the Pens slightly with Ekman's scoring and Moore defensive work on the PK. The other two are prospects that are going to be given a chance. Pivko to make the roster and Ehelechner to develop his goalie's skills with the Baby Pens and not be stuck behind all the goalie's that the Shark have stocked up.

The Pens then went to signing their own by agreeing to deals with Armstrong and Orpik. Armstrong signed a one-year two-way deal and Orpik got a 2 year deal to avoid arbitration. Malone went to arbitration and is awaiting the ruling.

Also news today is the the Pens have signed back Mark Recchi. This must be signs that Crosby is ok with him after rumors going around that he was not going to be missed when he left because he did not get along well with the teams star and other younger players. Let hope he can be that scoring winger for Crosby this year.